How to cancel a purchase on Wish

Wish, one of the most famous sites to buy over the Internet, allows you to cancel a purchase at any time, up to eight days after ordering. The procedure can be done on the Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile app. The free platform offers very cheap prices and delivery practically worldwide, which is why it has also been successful among Brazilians.

The tutorial below teaches you to cancel a purchase on Wish without having to ask for a refund, which occurs automatically. The step by step was done in a Moto G5S Plus with Android Oreo, but can be played on devices with Apple's operating system.

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Learn how to cancel a Wish purchase from the mobile app

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Step 1. Access the Wish application with your login. Then tap the main menu (icon with three bars) and select "Order History";

Enter order history from the Wish main menu

Step 2. Locate the order you want to cancel and click the "Details" button. Under "Order Details, " swipe to the bottom of the screen;

Check the order details in the Wish app

Step 3. Press the "Cancel Order" button. Then confirm the operation by touching "Yes, cancel request";

Request cancellation of purchase on Wish app

Step 4. The Wish app will ask you to enter the reason for the cancellation. Tap on the most appropriate option and add a comment if you wish. Press the "Done" button to complete;

Send the order cancellation on Wish with comments if you want

Step 5. The application will display a message to confirm the cancellation request. Press "OK" and verify that the "Order Details" screen displays the canceled purchase and auto-refund information.

Confirmation of cancellation of the purchase on Wish and refund of the amount paid

Ready. Take the tip to cancel a purchase on the Wish app and be automatically refunded.

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