How to capture the legendary Mew in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO brings, among its secrets, the presence of the legendary Mew, who is perhaps the rarest Pokémon of the first generation. What few people know is that Mew can be caught in the game of Android and iOS, but it takes a series of tasks offered by Professor Willow to be able to find him. The "A mythical discovery" campaign is divided into eight different levels and is not as difficult but rather time-consuming. Learn how to perform it and capture the little monster:

Pokémon GO begins to receive Alola's Pokémon

Campaign "A mythical discovery"

The campaign in Pokémon GO asks the player to complete several very specific tasks, capable of releasing Mew in its end. There are eight stages in total, but unlike Field Searches, the tasks in this campaign are fixed - they do not change according to PokéStops, or Poké Stops, nor according to the player.

The campaign is offered by Professor Willow

The campaign ends when all requirements are complete. To start your hunt, do the following:

Step 1. Touch the binoculars that appear in the bottom right corner of the screen;

Binoculars represent special missions

Step 2. Touch the "Special" option at the top of the screen;

Campaign to capture Mew is different from Field Searches

Step 3. Choose one of the tasks that you have completed and touch up to receive the reward and advance level.

Each completed task rewards the player with items

Here's what you need to do on each level until you reach the eighth and get a chance to capture Mew:

First level:

  • Pass through 5 Stop Poké
  • Capture 10 Pokémon
  • Transfer 5 Pokemon to Professor Willow

Second level:

  • Get 2 sweets when walking with a Partner Pokémon
  • Play 10 Pokébolas with pitches "Great"
  • Shock 3 eggs

Third level:

  • Reach Coach Level 15
  • Join 2 Reides
  • Battle in gyms 2 times

Mew is known as one of the rarest Pokémon of the first generation

Fourth level:

  • Have a Silver Kanto Medal (Capture 50 First Generation Pokémon)
  • Evolve 20 Pokémon
  • Get 5 sweets when walking with a Partner Pokémon

Fifth level:

  • Capture a Ditto (not worth exchanging with another player)
  • Capture 10 Phantom-type Pokémon (not worth exchanging with another player)
  • Play 20 Pokébolas with pitches "Great"

Sixth level:

  • Reach Coach Level 25
  • Evolve a Magikarp (400 candy)
  • Join 10 Reides

Seventh level:

  • Capture 50 Pokémon after using a Raspberry Fruit
  • Have a Kanto Gold Medal (Capture 100 First Generation Pokémon)
  • Play 1 Bowed Poké Ball with "Excellent"

Eighth level:

  • Capture Mew

On the eighth and final level, Mew will appear to the coach, who must capture him. The player also receives 40, 000 experience points as a reward. Remember to talk to Professor Willow whenever you complete one-level tasks to continue with the campaign.

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