How to change and disable the WhatsApp lock code

WhatsApp lets you edit your application's 2-step verification information at any time. Users can change the code to not forget the combination, or change the registered email for password recovery. In addition, you can completely disable the feature and eliminate PIN requests.

The security system is responsible for requesting the unlock periodically and whenever the app is reinstalled to combat invaders. The feature prevents third parties from accessing your messages even if your phone line is compromised. The procedure for modifying the WhatsApp verification system has been reproduced on a Galaxy S8 with Android 8 Oreo.

Here's how to change code and other WhatsApp verification data

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Step 1. Access the WhatsApp settings menu and select the "Account" option.

Access your WhatsApp account settings

Step 2. Tap "2 step verification" to access the three options and modifications of the feature.

Change the WhatsApp verification information

Step 3. Tap "Change PIN" to change the WhatsApp unlock code. Enter the new combination twice to confirm the change.

Modify the WhatsApp Unlock Code

Step 4. By selecting "Change email address", you can enter a new address to receive the 2-step verification reset link. The user must have access to the email to unlock WhatsApp in case of forgetting the password.

Change email for WhatsApp recovery in case of forgetting the code

Step 5. To eliminate any risk of having WhatsApp blocked, whether by forgetting the password or lack of access to the registered email, completely disable 2-step verification. Remember that by doing this, your messages can be accessed by attackers in case of cloning the phone number.

Disable the ability to remove the code request in WhatsApp

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