How to change the business name in WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business now allows you to change the business name in the app. When it was launched, the business messenger did not have that capability; the name entered during the creation of the account would be registered in the profile permanently.

The possibility to change this field is ideal for those who are changing the brand name, but do not want to lose the contacts saved in the commercial version of the app, for now available only for Android. Here's how to do the procedure and have whatever name you prefer in your WhatsApp Business profile.

WhatsApp Business: See how to change the company name in the profile

Viewing WhatsApp Business Message Statistics

Step 1. Open WhatsApp Business and tap the main menu, represented by three points. Then go to "Settings".

Path of WhatsApp Business app settings

Step 2. Tap the name of your company (in this example, "RF Journalism"). Then touch the pencil icon.

Featured icon for business name editing in WhatsApp Business

Step 3. Delete the previous name and type the new one. Press the "OK" button and in the dialog that will open, touch "Continue".

Name change in WhatsApp Business profile

Step 4. The application will take a few seconds to effect the change. When the process is completed, WhatsApp Business will inform you that the name has been updated successfully. Tap "OK".

WhatsApp Business company name changed

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