How to change the icon icons format on Android O

Android O (8) allows you to change the format of application icons natively, without the need to download themes or install launchers on your smartphone. You can choose from five image styles: traditional, square, square with rounded corners, circle and tear. It is worth mentioning that in order to work, it is necessary that developers make available the adaptive options for their apps.

The trend, however, is that little by little the breakthrough hits all applications, such as WhatsApp, which released new versions of its logo for the system in March this year. Here's how to customize the icons on your Android phone. The following procedure was done with a Moto Z2 Play.

Android Icons on the Galaxy S8

Android P shows only four notification icons

Before starting, it is possible to activate the programmer mode, as shown in this tutorial.

Step 1. Touch an empty spot on the home screen and hold your finger for a few seconds. Three options will appear at the bottom of the display. Go to "Settings" and on the screen that opens, touch "Change icon shape".

icon shape "of Android 0

Step 3. Five options will be displayed. Just touch the one you want so that the icons change formatting. By choosing "Square" the images will be displayed as shown below.

Square icons on Android 8

Step 4. Already in "Square with rounded corners", the icons gain a more modern look.

Android Oreo icons in square format with rounded corners

Step 5. If you choose "Circle", the logos of the programs are all round.

Icons in circular format on Android O

Step 6. Finally, if your choice is the teardrop shape, the icons will get a rounded shape with a little tip to the right, like a drop.

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