How to change the IP address of the D-Link router

You can change the IP address of the D-Link routers. The procedure is necessary in cases where the Internet service provider's modem is in the same range as the device, or when the user wants to install two or more routers on the same network, for example. The action avoids conflict between Wi-Fi devices, assigning a unique address for each.

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The practice can still help solve connection problems and also serves as an extra security measure. Check out the following tutorial on how to change the IP address of the D-Link routers. The process is quite simple and can be done on a computer running Windows, Linux or MacOS.

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Here's how to change the IP address of the D-Link routers

Step 1. Connect your computer via a network cable (Ethernet) to one of the LAN ports of your router;

LAN Ports on a D-Link Router

Step 2. Open an Internet browser of your choice, type in the search bar the current IP address of your router and press Enter to access the configuration page of the device. On D-Link devices, the default address is "" (without quotes), but if it does not work, follow the steps in the video below;

Learn how to find the IP address of the router

Step 3. A login page will be displayed on your computer screen. Use the default "Admin" credential (without quotation marks) as the username and leave the password field blank;

D-Link router login page

Step 4. Click on the top menu "Configuration" and then on the "Local Network" submenu;

Step 5. In the "IP Address" field, change the number to whatever you prefer (Ex: and then save the change by clicking the "Apply Changes" button;

Changing the IP address of the D-Link router

Ready! If you followed the steps closely, the IP address of your D-Link router has changed and will take effect after the device is rebooted.

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