How to change the language of Google Chrome to Portuguese

Chrome is set by default in the same language as your PC operating system. However, you can change the browser display language to Portuguese if your system is in another language, without having to reinstall the application. You can also choose a different language, such as English, if you are learning a new language.

In the following tutorial, here's how to manually change the language of the Chrome interface. The procedure can be performed on Windows PCs and Chromebooks. The function is not available for MacOS or Linux users.

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Learn how to change the display language for Chrome

Step 1. Click on the Chrome address bar and access the command "chrome: // settings / languages" (without quotation marks);

Access language settings

Step 2. The browser language settings page will be displayed. From there, click on the arrow button in the upper right corner to see all the options. Then press "Add languages";

Adding New Language

Step 3. Check the "Portuguese (Brazil)" in the list and check "Add";

Adding New Language

Step 4. Returning to the previous screen, click on the button to the right of "Portuguese (Brazil)" and, in the menu that appears, activate the option "Display Google Chrome in this language";

Changing Chrome language

Step 5. Finally, press "Relaunch" to restart Chrome with the new language.

Restart your browser

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