How to Change the Nubank Credit Card Due

Nubank customers can change the expiration date of their credit card in a practical way. The process is done by the virtual bank app on Android or iPhone (iOS). There are eight day-of-month options as the deadline for invoice payment. The change can be made once every 90 days.

Here's how to change the expiration date of your Nubank. The step by step was performed on a Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android 8 Oreo system.

Learn how to change the expiration date of the Nubank card

Tips for getting Nubank invitation

Step 1. Open the Nubank application on your phone and slide the home screen to the left to access the main menu.

Step 2. Touch the first menu option: "My Data".

Swipe to go to the main menu

Step 3. Touch the "Next invoice due date" option.

Open the app expiration control section

Step 4. A new screen will show four alternative days of the month for the card to expire, in addition to the exact closing and due dates in the coming months, including weekends and holidays. Just choose the day of your choice and select "Change".

Step 5. A window will open with details about the change. If you are satisfied with the conditions, touch "Confirm".

Just select the date of your preference

Step 6. Finish "Ok".

The procedure will be finalized

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