How to change or recover your Cabify password from your phone

To use Cabify, you must have a personal, password-protected account. This is critical because the service stores financial information, such as user credit card data. To ensure the security and privacy of data, you can change this code when you prefer - important option in cases of loss, theft or other types of improper access to the profile.

In addition, you can quickly regain access if you want to connect to a new smartphone and have forgotten your password. See in this tutorial for Android all the tips for changing or recovering the Cabify password from your phone.

Here's how to change the password and recover access to Cabify from your mobile phone

Security in Cabify: functions help user avoid problems

Change your password

Step 1. If you remember your password and just want to change the code for security and privacy, open the Cabify application and tap your profile photo on the top left to open a side menu. Then click on your photo or "arrow" button at the top of the menu to access your profile settings.

Visit Cabify's side menu on Android phone

Step 2. In the profile settings, select the "Password" category. Then enter your current Cabify access code and then type the new password, confirming the new code in the third field. Confirm on "Save" to apply the changes.

Change your Cabify password for enhanced mobile access security

Recover access with new password

Step 1. If you have forgotten your password, you will need to regain access to Cabify in another way. To do this, in the login screen of the application, select "Recover password". Then enter your email address in the app and confirm "Send".

Access Cabify password recovery from your mobile phone

Step 2. Open your email account and note that you will receive a message indicating Cabify for access retrieval. Tap the indicated link and, in the open page, you will have to enter your new password, confirming the same code in the second field. Confirm with "Change Password".

Recover your access to Cabify by creating a new password on your phone

Now, just log in to the Cabify app using your registration email and new password.

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