How to change skin before the match in Overwatch

Overwatch was updated on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and now has a new function: to change the skin of the characters before starting the game. The functionality is useful for anyone who wants to create visual strategies with their team closed, set up a thematic team or even change the appearance of the hero without having to leave the game or before waiting to enter one. The novelty can be made in just a few seconds, but not after the clash begins. Learn how it works, inside the title:

Overwatch: Know the new skins and know how to get them

Step 1. Enter a match, in any mode. Select your character and press the square button on the PS4, X on Xbox One or select the field with the computer mouse;

How to change skin before the match in Overwatch

Step 2. The list of skins will open. Choose the look and confirm with the X on PS4, A on Xbox One or simply click on the top of the computer mouse;

Select the look in Overwatch

Step 3. The skin will be changed, but you can repeat the above two steps as many times as you want, before the loading time ends.

You can repeat the first two steps as many times as you want in Overwatch

Also note that as shown in the image below, after the match starts, it is even possible to go back and choose another character, but it does not let you modify the skin anymore - the field in question disappears. To make the exchange again, you must wait for the next confrontation.

After the game of Overwatch begins, it is no longer possible to modify the skin

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