How to change the TP-Link router's username and password on the mobile phone

TP-Link routers come standard with user and default access password - "admin" and "admin", respectively. Consumers who have just purchased a branded device should change their credentials because anyone connected to Wi-Fi can change information, get data from devices connected to the network, reset the router, free up ports, or even block the owner's connection.

Changing the password and username can be done through the official Tether application, available for Android and iPhone (iOS). See, in the lines below, the step-by-step how to change the default access code for your cell phone to increase the security of the TP-Link router. Note that the tutorial was done on the TL-WR840N, but the step-by-step is the same for other models of the Chinese manufacturer.

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Learn how to change the default TP-Link router password

Step 1. First of all, you need to access this TP-Link website to verify that the application is compatible with your router model. If you can not find the device in the list, the only way to change the access password is through the administration interface. The has a tutorial on the subject;

Make sure your TP-Link router is compatible with the Tether application

Step 2. Now access the download to download Tether on your phone. When the installation is complete, open the application and select your router;

Select your router in the Tether TP-Link application

Step 3. Log in to the app to manage the TP-Link device. Use "admin" (without quotation marks) as username and password;

Log in to the Tether app

Step 4. Touch the bottom menu "Tools" and then on the "System" icon;

Step 5. Here, just touch the name "Login account", enter the default password "admin" (without quotes) and touch "OK";

Step 6. Enter a new username and also a new password in the fields indicated in the image below. Save the changes by tapping the "Done" button - located in the upper right corner of the screen;

Changing the Default TP-Link Router Access Password

With these tips, your router will be safe from unauthorized access. It is important to remember that the TP-Link device password does not interfere with the Wi-Fi password. Even with the default access code change, the devices connected to the network are still connected to the Internet. Therefore, it is also recommended to change the wireless network password.

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