How to check the PIS balance through Caixa's website

Through Caixa's website, it is possible to consult the payment of PIS quotas for participants enrolled in the PIS / PASEP Fund until 04/10/1988, released on Monday (18). In addition, any contributor can consult their current PIS salary bonus on the site.

The Caixa Econômica Federal website has a section devoted to consulting the PIS balance. To carry out the search, you must have the CPF number or the Social Identification Number (NIS) (which is the same PIS number) and your digital password. It is worth remembering that Caixa only pays for PIS payments, that is, workers with PASEP should seek Banco do Brasil. Check out the following tutorial how to check the PIS balance on Caixa's website.

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See the balance of the 1988 PIS quotas

Step 1. Access the website and select the "Check your balance" button;

Check the balance of PIS Quotas on the Caixa website

Step 2. Enter your personal data to perform the search. You can use your CPF or NIS number. Also enter your date of birth, whether you are already retired or not and fill in the captcha. Finally, click the "Continue" button;

CPF or NIS report to consult PIS balance

Step 3. Enter your Internet Password, which is the same one used to check the statement on the Caixa website or in the mobile application, and press "Continue". If you do not have the password, learn how to request it at the end of this tutorial;

To check the balance of the PIS, you must have the Digital

Step 4. If you want, enter your phone to receive news from the Caixa on the cell phone. You can skip this step by selecting the option "Do not want to receive notifications on my cell phone", below the "continue" button;

Sign your phone to receive notifications from the Box on mobile

Step 5. Ready. Your PIS Quotas balance will appear on the screen.

Balance of PIS quotas on the Caixa website

Digital Password Registration

Step 1. Access the site //, enter your NIS and press the "Register password" button;

Box Digital Password Registration

Step 2. You must accept the terms of responsibility to continue;

Accept the terms of responsibility of Caixa Econômica Federal

Step 3. On the next screen, create a six- to eight-digit password. Repeat the same password in the two indicated fields. Fill in the captcha and select "Confirm";

Register your Digital Password on the Caixa website

Step 4. A confirmation window will inform you that the password has been registered.

Successful Digital Box Password

Common PIS Payroll Inquiry

If you are not entitled to the PIS Quotas for 1988, but want to access your current PIS salary bonus, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Access // Enter your NIS and your Internet Password, fill in the captcha and tick "Ok";

Enter your NIS and Digital Password to access the balance of the PIS salary bonus

Step 2. In the Cash Benefits menu, choose the option "PIS";

Access the PIS tab on the Caixa website

Step 3. Choose the option "Payment inquiry";

Consult the PIS payment on the Caixa website

Step 4. See the screen if you have available balance.

Balance of the PIS salary bonus on the Caixa website

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