How to check the Serasa Score for the Mobills app

The personal finance manager Mobills brings an integrated CPF query on the Serasa Score through the mobile phone. With data obtained directly from the base of Serasa, the app shows the score used by the entity to measure the user's debt repayment capacity.

Despite having iPhone version (iOS), Mobills has been gaining popularity especially among Android users. The app came to prominence on Google Play, the only Brazilian to be selected by Google to compose the shop window in the first quarter of 2018. See in the tutorial below how to use the program to check your score .

App Mobills has integrated Serasa Score query

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According to the portal Serasa Consumer, the Serasa Score is the result of the analysis of information in the database of the institution. They are obtained through partner companies and financial institutions. Information about any debts paid or unpaid on your behalf is combined to create a single index. The indicator goes from 0 to 1, 000: the higher, the better the CPF is evaluated and the greater the probability of getting credit in the market place.

The consultation of the score is available for free also on the Serasa website. With Mobility integration, though, app users have the most accessible mobile tool at any time. Here's how to use it.

Step 1. Download and install Mobills on your mobile phone and create a free account using email or your Google or Facebook profile.

Create an account on Mobills

Step 2. After you have made the initial settings in the application, go to the menu to the right of the bottom bar to open your profile. Touch "Serasa Score Query".

Access the Serasa Score function in Mobills

Step 3. Mobills requires completing a new form with CPF, date of birth and other personal information. Fill in to advance. In tests conducted by, the Mobills failed to redirect from the CPF registry to the Serasa Score screen. If this occurs, close the application and exit. When reopening, go back to the "Query Serasa Score" option.

Complete the registration in Mobills

Step 4. You must have an account at Serasa to check your CPF information. Tap "Sign in" to enter email and password or select "How to create a registration" to complete the registration outside the application.

Access your Serasa Mobles account

Step 5. When logging in, Mobills displays the updated score in the Serasa database on the screen. Slide to the right to better understand what the score means for financial institutions.

Check your score and slide sideways to understand the score

With information: Serasa Consumer

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