How to clear YouTube search history

YouTube lets you delete the history of watched videos and search terms on your site. The Google service automatically saves this user navigation data to the platform. The feature that protects privacy is available in the settings on the page, whether on the phone or on the web. It prevents unauthorized people from accessing the usage log and monitoring the information.

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See the following tutorial on how to clear YouTube search history in your browser.

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Step 1. Go to YouTube and make sure your account is logged in. In the side menu on the left, click on "History";

Access YouTube history

Step 2. In the menu to the right of the history page, select "Search History";

Access your search history on YouTube

Step 3. YouTube will list all searches performed on the platform. Click the "x" to remove one by one;

Remove unwanted items from YouTube search history

Step 4. In the next menu, the site allows to remove all the searched terms at once in "Clear all search history";

Remove YouTube's full search history

Step 5. Already by clicking on "Pause search history", you can prevent the recording of any keywords used in the search field. All actions taken in YouTube settings will apply both to the web version and to mobile apps.

Pause history recording to stop saving search terms on YouTube

Ready. Use the tips and protect your YouTube information on the Internet.

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