How to Close Chrome Quickly and Hide Cup Games at Work

Chrome has a free extension that lets you quickly hide any open website on your PC. The application, known as the PanicButton, adds a button to the Google browser that, when pressed, quickly closes all tabs and opens the new tab page or a specific site. The function is ideal for use during the 2018 World Cup games and avoid being caught watching the championship during the season.

Check out the tutorial below how to install, configure and use the PanicButton extension in Google Chrome. The procedure was performed in the browser version for macOS, but the tips are also valid for users of Windows PCs.

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Step 1. Go to the PanicButton extension download page on Downloads and in the Chrome Web Store, press the blue "Use in Chrome" button. Then confirm the installation in "Add Extension";

Installing extension in Chrome

Step 2. After installing, you will see the PanicButton extension icon in the upper right corner of the window. Right-click on it and in the context menu select "Options" to configure the function;

Accessing extension settings

Step 3. On the settings page, you can change the shortcut key, add a protection password, hide the PanicButton icon from the toolbar and select which page to open when you press the button;

Changing Extension Settings

Step 4. Now when watching a game and you want to close the open tabs quickly, just click on the PanicButton button or press the shortcut key - by default, it is F4;

Click on the button or press the shortcut key to close the tabs

Step 5. Subsequently, to restore the pages that were open, simply click again on the PanicButton button or press the shortcut key again.

Click again on the button to restore the pages

Ready! Enjoy the tips to watch the 2018 World Cup games online on PC and avoid surprises in your work.

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