How to configure the access point function on a D-Link router

The D-Link router can be configured to function as an access point (in Portuguese). The feature may be interesting to bring Wireless Internet to areas where the coverage provided by the primary router is limited and is often a cheaper and more efficient alternative to repeaters and extenders, for example.

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to configure the router from the manufacturer to operate similarly to an access point. Importantly, the tip can also help "revive" branded devices with the damaged WAN port.

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D-Link Router Can Work as an Access Point

Step 1: Change the IP address

Step 1. Plug the router into the wall outlet and connect your computer via an Ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports on the device;

Use an Ethernet cable to connect the computer to the D-Link

Step 2. Open the browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other) and in the search bar enter the IP of the router. The address is usually "" (without quotes), but if it does not work, read this other tutorial or watch the video below to access the device settings page;

Learn how to find the IP address of the router

Step 3. The next page will open with the fields for authentication. The default user name is "Admin" (without quotation marks) and the password is blank;

Log in to the D-Link router configuration panel

Step 4. Click on the top menu "Configuration" and then on the "Local Network" submenu;

Go to the menu shown in the image

Step 5. Change the IP number to the same range as the main router. For example, assuming the address is "", use "192.168.1.X" - the letter "X" being any number greater than "1" and less than "254". After making the change, click the "Apply changes" button and wait for the router to restart;

Change the IP address of the D-Link router

Step 2: Disable DHCP

Step 1. Click again on "Configuration" and then on the submenu "Local Network";

Local "in the D-Link router configuration panel

Step 2. In the "DHCP Mode" field, select the "None" option and click the "Apply changes" button;

Disable DHCP mode

Step 3: Set up the Wi-Fi network

Step 1. Now go to the "Wireless" top menu;

Click on the wireless connection section

Step 2. Make sure "Enable Broadcast SSID" is checked and enter a name for the Wi-Fi network in the "Name (SSID)" field. In the "Security Options" section, select "WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK AES" and enter a password in the "Pre-Shared Key" field to protect the wireless connection. Do not forget to click the "Apply" button to save all changes;

Configure the Wi-Fi network of the D-Link router

Step 3. Finally, connect another (Ethernet) network cable between the LAN ports of the primary router and the device that will serve as the access point.

Connect the main router to the LAN port of the router through the Ethernet cable

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