How to configure the LG G6 as a router and share internet

The LG G6, as well as other phones with the Android system, has a feature that turns it into a Wi-Fi router. In this way, the cell phone can be used to share 4G internet with the notebook, tablet and other devices that have Wi-Fi.

The function can be accessed through the smartphone settings and uses the mobile data contracted with your operator. See, in the following tutorial, the step-by-step guide on how to activate the rotator function on your LG phone.

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Step 1. From the home screen, touch the "Settings" icon. Then touch "Link".

Access the LG G6 Settings to configure it as a router

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Step 2. Under "Wi-Fi hotspot, " drag the key to the right to turn on the function.

Wi-Fi access "on the LG G6

Step 3. If you want to change the network name or password, touch "Wi-Fi hotspot". Then go to "Set up the Wi-Fi access point" and make the changes. Confirm with "Save".

Changing LG G6 network name and password

Now you can share your mobile internet with other devices.

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