How to connect the sound box on Samsung smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs allow the user to connect speakers to improve the quality of audio playback, using both a cable and Bluetooth connection. The option is valid for standard soundbars, soundbars, among other accessories of the type, and is interesting to watch movies, series and World Cup games, for example.

See the following step-by-step to learn how to connect a sound box using a P2 (3.5 mm) jack cable and how to set the external sound output in the TV settings. It is worth remembering that the cable with two equal ends does not usually accompany the sound devices, but it is possible to buy for prices between $ 10 and $ 15.

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You will need a cable with P2 connectors on both ends, plus the sound box with this type input

Step 1. Locate the audio output on your TV. The position may vary, but the location should be highlighted with "Audio Out" as pictured. Your device may have several types of sound output, but the one we need here is the same as a 3.5mm headphone port, which you find on a cell phone or laptop;

Find the P2 sound output of your TV

Step 2. Insert one end of the P2 cable into the port;

Simply insert one end of the cable into the TV outlet

Step 3. Now connect the other end to the auxiliary input of the sound box you want to use;

In our case, we used a JBL Charge 3 sound box

Step 4. With the speakerphone on, also turn on the TV. Your TV should detect the box alone, but you may need to configure the sound output in the options. Use the control and open the menu. Scroll to "Sound" and confirm;

Step 5. In the "Sound" options, choose "Speaker Settings". Depending on the system version of your TV, text may vary with other terms, such as "Sound Output", "Device List" or "Advanced Settings";

Step 6. In the new window, choose "Select Speaker" to define which sound device will be in charge of playing the audio coming out of the TV;

Option is to set where the audio will be played

Step 7. A new window will appear. Just choose "EXT Speaker", which is equivalent to telling your TV that the sound should be addressed to the box. You should now hear the sound through the device. Tip: The volume control will be done by the audio device. So if you did everything right up here and did not hear anything, make sure you turn up the volume.

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