How to consult Banco do Brasil vouchers by mobile phone

The Banco do Brasil application allows you to view transaction receipts - both those made by the Internet and at the ATM. It is possible to take the duplicate and export the document in PDF format for printing or send the photo by email or WhatsApp. The function is useful for retrieving a voucher payment slip or lost transfer.

In the following tutorial, see how to check the receipts of transactions made in your checking account by the Banco do Brasil application on the mobile phone. The procedure was performed on a Moto E4, which runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but the tips are also valid for iPhone users (iOS).

Learn how to recover the proof of payment or transfer in the Banco do Brasil app

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Step 1. Open the Banco do Brasil app and access your account. Then touch the balance of your checking account. The movement of the last five days will be displayed. If the requested voucher is from an earlier date, scroll to the end.

Access your account statement

Step 2. Now tap "Full Extract". You can select a specific date, a closed month, or view the movements of the last 30 days.

Viewing Full Statement

Step 3. If you have chosen a specific month, tap on it to display the statement. Then locate the drive from which you want to take the duplicate of the voucher. Note that the icon for an arrow appears to the right of the value for the transactions with duplicate voucher available.

Choose the month and open the desired receipt

Step 4. The voucher will be displayed on the screen. Tap "Save or share" and then choose the desired format - PDF or image.

Choose the format in which the voucher will be exported

Step 5. Finally, select whether you want to open, save, share or print the voucher. If you have chosen to share, select the application you want.

Sharing voucher by email or WhatsApp

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to get the second way of ticket vouchers and transfers without having to go to the bank.

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