How to consult the Bradesco Income Report through the Internet

Bradesco bank customers can consult their income statement through Internet Banking. The feature allows access to the document required for the 2018 Income Tax return, and is not present in the mobile banking application, only on the site. After opening the file with the statement, you can download the file to the PC and then use it to fill out the statement that will be sent to federal revenue.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to access and save on your computer the income report from your account at Bradesco bank for IRPF.

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Tutorial shows how to obtain the income report of a Bradesco account to use in the income tax return

Step 1. Access your account with Bradesco from the browser and click on the search bar in the upper right corner of the screen;

Search bar of the Internet Banking Bradesco page is in the upper right corner of the window

Step 2. Search for the income report on the site search. Then you can press the enter key on your keyboard to perform the search or click on the "Income Report - irpf;

Look for the page of income report in the search of Bradesco

Step 3. On the results page of your search, click on the option "Documents: Income Report - IRPF";

Access the page to report earnings in Bradesco's Internet Banking

Step 4. Now choose the year of the declaration and select the option "Consolidated by CPF";

Select the year of Bradesco's earnings history that you want to get

Step 5. The extract will open on the screen. Then click the floppy icon in the upper right corner to download it to your PC.

Bradesco allows you to download, print or e-mail the Reduction Report through the icons in the upper right corner

Use the tip to get the document without leaving home and fill out your Income Tax return.

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