How to consult Caixa Econômica's Report on the Internet

Caixa Econômica Federal Savings Accounts can obtain the Income Tax Report for use in the Income Tax Declaration from the Internet. The feature, available only in internet banking, allows you to open and save the file to be attached to the IRPF 2018 on your computer. With the procedure, you do not have to wait for your bank to send the document through the Post Office and you can speed up the data delivery process through the Federal Revenue program. The following tutorial teaches you how to search for this extract on the Caixa Econômica Federal website.

Caixa Econômica Federal no celular: Learn how to avoid queues

Step by step shows how to access your income statement at the Federal Savings Bank to use it in the annual income tax return

Step 1. Open your Caixa Econômica internet banking account and click on "My account";

account ", among the internet banking options of Caixa Econômica Federal

Step 2. In the "Demonstrations" section, click on "Earnings Report";

Step 3. Do not change the current option on yield report. Then click "Continue";

Action to open the earnings report on internet banking of Caixa Econômica Federal

Step 4. The history will be displayed on the screen with the information needed to make the annual income tax return. Click "Save" to download the file to your computer.

Take advantage of the tip to save time when making your Income Tax Return.

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