How to consult PIS / Pasep on the mobile with the Caixa Employee app

The Workbench app, compatible with Android and iPhone (iOS), allows you to check the availabilty of PIS / Pasep service through the mobile phone. Formerly restricted to retirees and over 60, the benefit was extended by decree of the Federal Government to workers of all ages. The amounts will be available to those who contributed between the years 1971 and 1988 and have not yet redeemed the entire balance. It is estimated that 2.2 million people will benefit.

The PIS / Pasep withdrawal is carried out on pre-established dates, as occurred in the release of the inactive FGTS in 2017. It is worth remembering that those contemplated for the benefit for the year 2016 have until this Friday (29) to effect the redemption . For 2017 it will be possible to redeem the values ​​as of July 26. The payment schedule varies according to the month of birth.

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See how to check the information securely in the official Caixa Econômica Federal app. The procedure was performed on a Galaxy S8 with Android O.

Cashier Application shows if there is PIS / Pasep withdrawal available

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Step 1. Download and install the Mobile Workbench application. Enter the NIS number and tap "Sign in". It is not necessary to have a previous register in the service of the Federal Government to consult the availability of the benefit.

Access the Box database with your NIS number

Step 2. The app shows on the home screen whether there is a PIS quota available to you. To know the value, you must enter the registration password. Use the on-screen shortcuts to retrieve a forgotten password or re-register with Social Security.

See available values ​​with your Social Security password

Step 3. In the possession of the available values, it is important to follow the release dates of the benefit. Tap the "Calendars" tab to see which withdrawal periods have already been posted. The first to receive the PIS / Pasep quotas are taxpayers aged 57 and over.

Follow the schedule of withdrawals

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