How to consult the Santander Income Report on the internet

Santander Bank provides the Individual Income Report 2018 on the institution's website. The document is used during the Income Tax return. To access, you must have the account holder's CPF number and the Internet Banking password. You can only query the bank site - it is not available in the mobile app. Check out the following tutorial how to consult the Santander Income Report.

Income Tax 2018: How to Download and Install the Statement Program

Banco Santander makes an Income Report through its website

Step 1. Access the official Santander website on the Internet, enter the CPF in the "Individual" field and click "OK";

Access your account on the Santander website to see the Income Statement

Step 2. An access page will open. Enter the digital access password, then go to "Access";

Enter your Internet Banking password to access Santander

Step 3. A warning message will appear in full screen to show that the Revenue Report is available. Click the "See here" button to open. If the warning does not appear on your screen, go to the next step of this tutorial;

Notice indicates whether your Santander Income Report is available

Step 4. In the menu located on the left side, click on "Current Account" and then on "Yield Report 2018";

Access your Santander checking account to access the 2018 Earnings Report

Step 5. With the Revenue Report open, you can save the document to PDF, send by e-mail or print;

Banco Santander's Income Report

The Earnings Report can also be consulted by clicking on the "Utilities" section of the left side menu, and then "Earnings Report 2018".

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