How to convert email into note in Gmail

Gmail started to allow you to convert an email into a note after the recent visual redesign of the service, adhering to the concept of Material Design. Among the new features is the incorporation of native form to some apps of the mark, like the Keep. The service lets you create task lists that can be opened and edited in either the web version, the Windows program, or the Android or iPhone (iOS) phone. When you save a message as an app item, the user is able to access it on any of the platforms and even have the option to create a reminder to view it later. Here's how to do the process in the next step.

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Gmail allows you to transform e-mails into notes in Keep

Step 1. Access Gmail through the web browser and click to open the email you want to convert into a note in Keep;

Open the email you want to make a note

Step 2. With the message open, access the Keep icon in the Gmail add-ons section on the right side;

Click the Keep icon in Gmail

Step 3. Then click "+ Create a note ..." of the add-on;

Create a new note in Keep

Step 4. Immediately, the email is attached to the note. The user can give a name and, below, include a description to the item and then click "Done";

Name and give a break to the new Keep note

Step 5. To open the Keep email for Windows, simply open the program normally, in the corresponding note, click on the name of the email. Immediately, the message will open in the default browser if the user is already logged in to the service. Otherwise, it will be necessary to enter the login data, and then to visualize the content;

Keep in Windows

Step 6. In the mobile app version, tap on the desired note and, after opening it, go to the name of the email;

Keep on Android

Step 7. Then tap "View" to view the message in the Gmail app or in the browser for the mobile operating system.

Click view to access the email in the Gmail app note

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