How to Copy to the HP Printer

HP multifunction printers allow you to take copies of your documents, photos, and more on a day-to-day basis. The procedure is simple and does not need a computer or cell phone to work. Printing can be done more than once, in both black and white and color.

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The machine scans the page internally and starts the process automatically. The step-by-step instructions have been carried out on an HP Deskjet 2546, but the operation is the same for other devices of the manufacturer.

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Step 1. Turn on the HP printer by pressing the on / off button and wait until it stops flashing and stays on;

Turn on the HP printer

Step 2. Open the top cover of the HP printer and position the photo or document on the scanner with the part being copied facing down. Then close the printer cover;

Place the document in the HP printer to make the copy

Step 3. To make the copy, simply press the buttons indicated on the printer. To print in black and white, simply select the top button; for colored pages, select the bottom one. With each click, an impression will be made, according to what is shown on the next display. The number indicated represents the number of copies to be made;

Press the buttons for color or black and white copies, with one or more copies on the HP printer.

Step 4. Now just wait a few seconds. The printer will scan and print the new copy automatically.

Wait for your copies to print to the HP printer.

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