How to copy the link from a video to IGTV, the Instagram TV

IGTV, Instagram's new video platform, does not have a handy way of sharing posts to Facebook profiles or external chats. To do this, the user must copy the link and paste manually into the social network feed or WhatsApp conversation. The application has native sharing options only for Facebook pages and messages by Direct.

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Check out the next step, how to get a video link on IGTV. The procedure was performed in the version of Instagram for iPhone (iOS), but the tips are also valid for Android users.

IGTV is the new Instagram video app with support for posts up to an hour long

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Step 1. Open Instagram and go to IGTV. To do this, touch the platform icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then find the video you want to copy the link from and then drag the other movies down;

Open the video you want to copy the link to

Step 2. With the video in full screen, touch the "..." button. In some cases, it may be necessary to tap the screen once so that the buttons appear in the bottom bar of the screen. In the menu that appears, touch "Copy link";

Copying video link

Step 3. To share the link for WhatsApp, simply paste in the conversation and send.

Sending video in WhatsApp

Ready. Enjoy tips for sharing IGTV videos on WhatsApp and other messengers and social networks.

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