How to create a 2018 Cup Album control sheet

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets can be a great choice to help organize a collection of cards. The system helps in the case of the 2018 World Cup Album, which has 681 stadium cards, host cities, shields, players and legendary teams. The administration by the spreadsheet also has the advantage of presenting the number of cards pasted and that are missing. The worksheet can be printed for queries, or shared with friends through Google Drive.

Here's how to control the stickers for the 2018 Cup Sticker Album in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

How to Create Charts in Microsoft Excel

Here's how to make your own control sheet for the 2018 Cup Sticker Album

In Microsoft Excel

Step 1. Create a spreadsheet and write in the cells of the first column the classification of each group of cards. As the example of the tutorial is the World Cup Album, we also made markings for the teams in the group stage. To do this, select the four cells of each selection and click on the "Merge and Center" command;

Name the cells to sort the figurine types and gather the ones that indicate each group

Step 2. To better display the groups of the 2018 Cup Stickers Album, it is advisable to set the orientation and alignment of the text in the cell. In this case, the text was rotated upward and centered on the cell;

Click the checked under options to highlight the cells that classify the groups

Step 3. Write the names of the respective teams in each group in the order they appear on the 2018 World Cup Album Album pages. Then fill in the number of cards in the sequence of the album pages;

Fill in the teams' names and the sequence of the number of cards by parts of the album

Step 4. Next, change the fill color of the cells that will not have the sequence of the number of figurines for better visualization. Then create "Coladas", "Missing" and "Total" rankings in the last columns of the worksheet;

Modify the cell fill color without figures and create the control columns

Step 5. In the cell that indicates the pasted cards of the first selection, write "= VALUES (XX: YY)", replacing XX and YY with the indication of the cells that start and end the sequence of chromos, respectively. Therefore, in the example below the terms have been replaced by C5 and V5, respectively;

Enter the formula "= COUNTDOWN" and enter the start and end cells to create the pasted stick control

Step 6. Place the mouse at the bottom of the cell with the formula, and when the mouse changes to the symbol of a cross, drag the selection to the end of the column to replicate the formula and its specifications;

Place the mouse at the bottom of the cell and drag the mark to copy the formula

Step 7. Then click on a cell that indicates a group of missing figurines and write "= COUNTER (XX: YY)", also replacing XX and YY by the cells that start and close the sequence of chromos;

Type the formula "= COUNTDOWN" to indicate the cells the missing

Step 8. In the last cell of the pasted column, write the formula "= SOMA (XX: YY)", replacing XX and YY by the vertical sequence of cells in this column, to have the total number of chromos in your album;

At the end of the pasted column, enter the formula "= SOMA" to add the total of each cell

Step 9. Already in the last cell of the column of missing tiles, write "= SUM (681-XX)", replacing XX with the value of the last cell of the column of cast cards;

Step 10. The total column can indicate the number of pasted or remaining figurines to set up the album. When you have finished configuring the formulas, set the cell border and change the fill color to better visualize the control worksheet;

Customize the look of the worksheet by configuring the cells fill border and color

Google Spreadsheets

Step 1. In comparison to Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets have some commands that, although similar, have different names. To merge the lines to indicate the team group, click "Merge Cells";

Merge the cells by clicking on the command indicated above in Google Sheets

Step 2. The buttons for customizing text orientation and centering in cells are also different. Just select the commands indicated in the image to change the configuration;

Set cell orientation and centering on highlighted commands

Step 3. To create your 2018 Cup Folder Album control sheet in Google Sheets, follow the same guidelines for Microsoft Excel, from "Step 3" onwards;

To continue to assemble the worksheet follow the same guidelines from "Step 3" to "Step 10" for Microsoft Excel

Enjoy the tips to manage your 2018 World Cup Album cards.

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How to Create Charts in Microsoft Excel