How to Create and Use Navigation Pane Feature in Word

Word provides the Navigation Panel, a tool that makes it easy to organize and search documents with large volumes of information. Ideal for monographs, theses, and course completion (TCC) tasks, the device helps the user to better visualize the document with section separation, thumbnail display of pages, and search capabilities for words and phrases. Check out this tutorial how to set up and use the Microsoft Text Editor Navigation Panel.

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The Microsoft Word Navigation Pane helps you search and view better parts of the document

Step 1. Select an already formatted title. On the "Home" tab, right-click on one of the options in the "Style" space and then click "Update ..." to save the font, paragraph, and spacing setting;

After setting a title, select the highlighted options to save the specifications in Microsoft Word

Step 2. To access, change the name or edit settings of a style, right click on it and select the "Modify ..." option;

Step 3. A window will open with options for customizing the style and setting the font, paragraph, and spacing. After customization, go to "OK" to save your preferences;

Style "of Microsoft Word, customize the name and your preferences and click" OK "to save them

Step 4. You can also use the "Styles" bar options to standardize the text of the document, as well as direct quotations with more than three lines;

You can also set the text body and long direct quotations with the Font Styles options

Step 5. To enable the "Navigation Panel", in the "View" tab, select the check box of the tool. The feature will appear on the left side of the screen;

Step 6. Under "Titles", you can view the sections configured in the "Styles" bar and assigned to the document, in order of priority defined by Microsoft Word;

Step 7. In the "Pages" tab you can view and navigate through the thumbnails of each page of the document;

Navigation ", the" Pages "option displays document thumbnails

Step 8. Already in "Results", you can find words and expressions of the text typed in the search bar. This resource informs the page and the section for each answer found, it is also allowed to browse the registered passages;

Ready. Explore Microsoft Word and enhance your text with the features of the editor.

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