How to create bootable pen drive with Rufus, free download software

Rufus is a tool for Windows that allows you to create a bootable pen drive in a simple way. With it, users can prepare an ISO file on a thumb drive for it to function as a boot device. In this way, the boot procedure can be used to install Windows, MacOS and Linux versions. The tip is useful when we do not have a CD or DVD available or when the computer does not have an optical drive.

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After downloading and installing Rufus, you will only need a USB flash drive and a USB port available for the procedure to be performed. To learn how to create a bootable pen drive, check out how to download and use the free Rufus software on your computer.

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Tutorial shows how to create a bootable pen drive using Rufus software on Pc

Step 1. Download Rufus, open the program and click the "Device" option. Then select the thumb drive you will use in the procedure;

Action to select a pedrive to use in Rufus software

Step 2. Click "Select" next to the "Boot Selection" option to search for the ISO file on your computer;

Action to open the explorer and select an ISO file in Rufus software

Step 3. Use the explorer window to access the folder where the file is located. Select ISO and click the "Open" button;

Action to import an ISO file into Rufus software

Step 4. To start formatting the thumb drive, click "Start";

Action to start formatting a thumb drive with Rufus software

Step 5. At this point, Rufus will launch a warning on the screen to inform you that the action will delete any files present on the thumb drive. To start the procedure, click "OK".

Action to confirm formatting of a thumb drive with Rufus software

Use the hint whenever you need a pen drive with an operating system to install on your computer.

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