How to create a business card with Crello

Business card templates to edit online are a good option to promote your services. The Crello online platform is grates and offers templates that can be customized and used by lawyers, psychologists, drivers and other professionals. At the end of the editing process, the site allows you to download the card into an image file (JPG and PNG) or a PDF document - ideal for being sent to print on a print or print at home.

Downloading the arts created on the sites is possible after a quick login with a Facebook or Google account. Another advantage of Crello cards is that they do not have a watermark on the image, which allows a professional format for the document. See in the following tutorial how to choose a template and prepare your own online business card with Crello.

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Tutorial shows how to use the Crello online service to create your own business card for free

Step 1. Enter the service website and click the "Create a design" button;

Access the screen with design templates of the Crello online service

Step 2. Click "View All 36 Formats" to access theme template options;

View all categories of Crello website design templates

Step 3. Click on the "Business Card" option;

Start the platform to create business card templates with the Crello online service

Step 4. Touch one of the patterns on the left side of the screen to open it in the editing tool;

Choose a business card template to edit using the Crello online service

Step 5. Click on the front art of the card to edit;

Start editing personal information on the front of the card

Step 6. Double-click on the text area of ​​the card and replace the current phrase with one you want. You can, for example, put your name and profession in the middle of the card. An options bar on the left side of the screen allows you to edit the font and perform other customization actions;

Change phrases and fonts in a business card template in the Crello online service

Step 7. Click on the background image of the card to see the effects available. Just click on one of the filters to insert in the image;

Add effects to the background of a business card edited on the Crello online service

Step 8. After adding all the front information of the card, click on the indication of the back, as shown in the image below;

Edit the version of a business card in the Crello online service

Step 9. When editing the back side of the image with contact and address information, for example, go to "Download";

Choose the type of document and download a business card created with the Crello online service

Step 10. Log in with an email address, a Google account, or - as in this example - through a Facebook account;

Log in to the Crello online service in three different ways

Step 11. Click "Continue as (your Facebook username)" to grant permission to the site;

Facebook is one of the link options with Crello

Step 12. Choose to save in PDF if you want to print at home or on a printer. The format ensures high-definition quality in the created image. Choose "Standard PDF" or "PDF Print" if you are printing the card immediately;

Choose a type of image file that will save your business card made on the Crello online service

Step 13. Give the file a name and determine the location on the PC where it will be saved. To complete the procedure, press "Download".

Download a business card template from the Crello online service

Ready. Take the hint to explore other templates and create different versions of business cards.

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