How to create CD covers with Canva on PC

The online Canva editor allows you to create images for CD covers and to illustrate playlists, thumbnails of music folders. The platform provides free and editable templates, in which the user has the option to use personal photos and customize the template to write the names of the artist and the music album.

With the tool, you can share the image created in social networks or save it on your computer in image or PDF formats if the user is interested in a high-quality print. Here's how to use Canva to create your own CD covers for free.

How to create a cover photo for Facebook or Twitter in the Canva by PC

Tutorial shows you how to create a CD cover with the Canva online service

Canva Registration

Step 1. Access the Canva and choose one of the options to use. In this example, we will use "Personal use (at home, with family or friends)";

Screen for registration in the use in the Canva app

Step 2. Log in to the tool with a Google account or email address.

Canva online service registration options

Edit a CD cover

Step 1. On the service start screen, select the "Explore templates" option;

Accessing the Canva online service templates screen

Step 2. Click on "CD Covers" and choose "Music";

Path to view templates for CD covers in the Canva service

Step 3. Navigate the templates and click on the cover you want to edit;

Action to choose a CD cover template to edit in the Canva service

Step 4. To proceed to the editing screen, go to the "Use this template" button;

Option to edit a CD cover template in the Canva service

Step 5. Double-click on the words of the template and change the name of the artist and the CD;

Action to edit words in a CD cover template in the Canva online service

Step 6. In the menu on the left side of the screen, click on "Uploads" and then "Upload your images";

Action to import from the PC a photo to use as a CD cover in the online service Canva

Step 7. Use the file explorer to select the image you want to use and go to "Open";

Action to import from PC an image for CD cover in online service Canva

Step 8. Click on the imported image to select it. Then choose "Organize" and click "Back" so that the original artwork of the template is superimposed on the chosen photo;

Tool for editing positioning of images for CD cover in the online service Canva

Step 9. Touch the grid icon and adjust the transparency of the image;

Action to configure photo transparency on a CD cover created in the online Canva service

Step 10. To save the CD cover, click "Download" and then go to "PDF - Print (Recommended)" to see other file options;

Options for downloading a CD cover photo created in the Canva online service

Step 11. Choose the type of file you want to download the CD cover. In the example, we will use the "JPG" option, compatible with streaming services, folder covers and other destinations;

Image file options that a CD photo can be saved in the online Canva service

Step 12. Finally, choose "Download" to download the CD cover to your PC;

Option to download a CD cover create with the online service Canva

Take the hint to create your own CD covers, playlists, and thumbnail folders from your computer with the Canva online service.

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