How to create custom stories for Instagram with Desygner

Desygner is an online image editing tool that offers several editable art templates for Instagram Stories. The website allows you to choose free templates to personalize with stylized images and phrases. The feature is designed to create marketing actions, event calls, commemorative messages, and other actions in photo network story mode.

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To use Desygner, you need a quick registration using a Facebook account, Google or an email address. Edited images can be shared directly on social networks or downloaded to the computer - which is the action indicated in this tutorial. Here's how to use the website to create fine art for your Stories.

Tutorial teaches you how to edit arts to post on Instagram Stories with Desygner online service

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Step 1. Access the service's website ( and use a Facebook or Google account or email address to access the editing platform;

Action to access the Desygner service to create custom stories for Instagram

Step 2. On the home screen, press the "+" button, highlighted in blue;

Action to start a new project in the Desygner online service

Step 3. Check the "Instagram Stories" box to check the editable templates offered by the service;

Action to choose models of stories for Instagram in the Desygner online service

Step 4. Navigate through the templates and select the one you want to customize;

Action to open in the editing tool an Instagram history editable template

Step 5. Click on the template words so you can edit them;

Action to edit text in Instagram story arts in the Desygner online service

Step 6. Enter the text you want. Note that you can change the font style and font size from the top menu. There are also formatting options that can help make your message more impactful;

Action to edit text in an art for Instagram stories in Desygner online service

Step 7. The menu on the left side of the screen allows you to search for images in the site database under "Search" and choose another template in "Template". The "Images" option offers the ability to search images in Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. There is also the possibility to upload photos from the computer by clicking on the message "Drag & drop an image here or click to browse & upload";

Side Menu for Inserting Images into an Art from the Desygner Online Service

Step 8. The "Icons" option offers several arts in small format to add to the image being edited. Just click on one of the templates to insert them in the edition;

Option to insert icons into Instagram stories for the Desygner online service

Step 9. When you're finished editing, choose whether you want to use the sharing tool to send the image directly to social networks. However, you need to download the file to the PC and then send it to your smartphone. To do this, press the "Download" button;

Action to choose the download options for images edited for Instagram stories in the Desygner online service

Step 10. Set the file type between JPEG, PNG and PDF (not recommended for the purpose of the procedure). Then set the image quality on the yellow slider button. After that, press "Start Download" to download the file on the PC.

Action to download an art for history of Instagram created in the Desygner online service

Now just send the image to your smartphone and post on Instagram Stories.

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