How to create a Discord account from your computer

Discord is a voice chat or text chat platform for gamers. It can be used in real time as a communication tool during game matches or to exchange messages and meet other players. Creating an account at Discord is easy and free: you only have to follow a few steps and fill in three fields. Without entering any personal data, the user can already meet people from all over the world to talk about games.

The following tutorial was done directly in the browser, but Discord also has applications for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. Follow the tips below to create your account from your PC.

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Discord is a platform where gamers can chat by text or voice calls

Step 1. Access the Discord page and, before starting the account creation process, choose the Brazilian Portuguese language to configure the site;

Before creating your account, it is best to change the discord language to Portuguese

Step 2. Now, click "Enter" button next to the languages ​​icon;

Step 3. The login page will open. To create a new account, click on "Register", option just below the "Enter" button;

Step 4. Fill in the appropriate fields with your email, username and password. To confirm the action, click the "Continue" button;

Do not forget to put an email that you have easy access

Step 5. You need to indicate that it is not a bot by clicking on the appropriate location, as in the image below;

Step 6. Now go to your email account and open the message sent by Discord. Click the "Verify Email" button to complete your registration;

Check your email to complete your registration on Discord

Ready. Your account has been created and you can now start using Discord. Want to change your avatar now? Please follow these steps.

Changing avatar

Step 1. With your account logged into Discord, click on the "Settings" icon, located in the lower left corner of the homepage of the site;

Access the Discord settings

Step 2. In the "My Account" area, click the "Edit" button next to your profile information;

Step 3. Now click the avatar icon and select a photo of your choice;

Choose your avatar, your profile image that will appear for other Discord users

Step 4. To finalize the settings, click the green button labeled "Save".

Enjoy the tips to create your account at Discord and enjoy the social network of gamers.

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