How to create dual exposure effect with photos from your phone

IPhone (iOS) and Android-powered mobile users can use the Snapseed app to create dual-exposition mounts. This effect, much used by professional photographers, consists of the technique of merging two images and regulating the opacity of both to form a single montage. Typically, only advanced software and applications have similar features, including Adobe Photoshop.

Snapseed is a free application that counts overlapping patterns. That way, with just a few touches on the screen, users can create new images using two or more merged cell photos. Here's how to use the feature in the following tutorial.

Tutorial shows how to create images with dual exposure technique on mobile

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Step 1. Open Snapseed on your phone and tap the "+" icon in the middle of the screen. Then roll the photo slide and tap the main image you want to insert into the assembly.

Action to import photos from phone to Snapseed app

Step 2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the "Tools" option. and in the function menu, touch "Double Exposure".

Path to enable dual exposure mode in the Snapseed app

Step 3. Touch the photo icon at the bottom of the screen. Then select the mobile photo album where the second image you want to use is located.

Action to import a second image into the dual exhibit Snapseed app

Step 3. Touch the image so that it is inserted over the first one you chose. The app will merge the two images with similar opacities. To edit, touch the rectangular icon at the bottom of the screen.

Path to view options for a pop-up image in the Snapseed app

Step 4. Choose one of the overlay patterns to change the appearance of the image. Proceed by tapping the drop icon at the bottom of the screen. Adjust the opacity of the effect and tap the visa icon to finish editing.

Options for image overlay and opacity in the Snapseed app

Step 5. Touch "Export" and choose whether you want to save the image on your phone. Note that the app allows you to save an editable image or a file with no possibility of editing. To see sharing options and take your dual exposure image to social networks and messengers, touch Share.

Export options for an edited image in the Snapseed app

Use the hint to simulate this famous photo effect in an easy way using your phone.

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