How to create free business cards with Canva

The Canva online service allows you to create custom business cards from editable templates. Available free on the web, this tool organizes templates according to professions. After choosing one of the templates, the user can add their name and contact information. A card created in the Canva can be saved to the computer in PNG, JPEG and PDF format, the standard indicated for printing in graphics.

The tip we have prepared is ideal for people who want to produce a personal presentation card for use with professional contacts and clients. To learn how to create your own business card by PC for free, check out the tutorial below.

How to create a logo or custom name in Canva

Tutorial shows how to create business cards for free using the Canva online service

Step 1. Access the Canva web page and choose one of the user profiles to start an account registration. In this example, we will use the "Personal use" option;

Screen for usage log in the Canva app

Step 2. Create a Canva user profile from a Google account or an email address;

Canva online service registration options with valid email address or Google account

Step 3. In the menu on the left side of the screen, click "Explore templates";

Explore Canva service templates from the menu on the left side

Step 4. Then click on "Business Cards" to proceed;

Access to business card templates in the Canva online service is available in the menu on the left side

Step 5. At that point, the site will present a list of professions so you can find themed business card templates. For this example, we'll use artist-specific templates in the "Artist" option;

You can view specific Canva card templates according to your profession

Step 6. Click the template you want to customize with the information;

Choose a business card template to edit in the Canva app

Step 7. To start the editing tool, click "Use this template", green button in the upper right corner;

this template "

Step 8. At this point, click on the template texts to activate edit mode;

Edit texts in Canva by double clicking on the writing in the template

Step 9. After entering your name and personalizing the card with contact information, click the "Download" option, located in the upper bar of the screen;

Action to start the tool to download a card edited in the Canva app

Step 10. Choose the file format in which you want to download the created card. The alternatives to save it are PNG, JPEG or PDF, as we will do next. Once the output file is defined, click the "Download" option.

Choose the format of your business card created with the online service Canva

Take the tip and have your own business card so that professional contacts can get in touch with you.

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