How to create good morning post for Instagram with the PostMuse app

PostMuse is a useful tool for producing good-day images for Instagram. The application is free for Android and iPhone (iOS) and offers templates ready to edit and post on partner networks. The app has a gallery of photos that can be edited and used as a template.

In the next walkthrough, learn how to make good morning posts to Instagram using the PostMuse app and post to Stories or Feed. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 8 with iOS 12, but the tips are also valid for users of Android devices.

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PostMuse provides templates for Instagram posts

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Step 1. Download and Install PostMuse. Open the app and choose the photo you want to use. If you want, you can touch the magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner to open the search and search. Use the word "morning" to find good-themed images;

Choose the background image for your post

Step 2. After opening an image, touch "Size" to change the size and choose "Story". PostMuse automatically resizes the publication to the Instagram Stories measure;

Changing image size

Step 3. You can add text, emoji and shapes by tapping the "+" button in the lower right corner;

Adding text, shape or emoji to the photo

Step 4. In case of text, enter the desired phrase. Use the buttons that appear around the rectangle with the text to move, rotate, and resize the phrase. In the bottom bar, you can choose the font of the text;

Use the buttons to adjust the text

Step 5. To share the image in Instagram Stories, touch "Share" in the upper right corner of the screen, and "Share to Instagram". Finally, just tap "Send To" to send the photo to a friend or add it to your story.

Sharing image on Instagram

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