How to create an iCloud account from the PC

ICloud, a storage solution that offers 5GB of free storage for files in the cloud, is one of Apple's services that can be used even if you do not have an iPhone, iPad or Mac. The platform works through the browser, allowing you to upload documents and photos for the company's servers.

For this, the user must create an Apple ID by the PC. With the registration in hand, you can also access other online tools that are not exclusive to the brand's products, such as Apple Music. See, in the tutorial, how to create an Apple account using a Windows computer.

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iCloud is also responsible for storing iPhones

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Step 1. Open the PC browser and access the address Then press the "Create your Apple ID" option;

Create an Apple ID from your PC browser

Step 2. Complete the first part of the registration form with name, date of birth and an email you already own. Also, set a password to access your account;

Enter personal information and set a password

Step 3. Next, you should set up three questions and secret answers. Choose one of the options in the lists and fill in the field below with the correct answer. These questions will be used in the future to verify your identity when signing in to an unknown device, or when changing your account password;

Set up Apple ID security questions

Step 4. More below, enter the code that appears in the image to the side and press the "Continue" button;

Submit your information to create an Apple ID

Step 5. Apple will send you a six-digit code for the email you entered in the registration. Enter the sequence on the screen and check "Continue" to finish the registration;

Enter the confirmation code received by email

Step 6. To use iCloud on your PC, go to and enter the e-mail and password set up on your Apple ID.

Use e-mail and password to access iCloud via PC

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