How to create Netflix shortcut on Linux with Chrome

Netflix does not offer an official application for Linux operating systems, but you can create a browser shortcut that behaves like an "impromptu" streaming service app. The shortcut, made by Chrome, directs the user to Netflix without having to log in and without the address bar in sight. From there, you can stream the video you're playing to other screens via the HDMI port or Google's Chromecast feature - just like the mobile app or Windows 10.

Although shortcut functionality is available in other browsers, Chrome has great support for Netflix, making it the safest bet. If possible, install Chrome on your PC for this feature only and focus your conventional navigation on another browser. The following tutorial was done on Elementary OS, a derivative of Ubuntu, but the instructions apply to any other variant of the free operating system. Note that if you uninstall Chrome, the Netflix app will also be deleted.

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Step 1. Open the Google Chrome browser;

Find your browser among the applications installed on your computer

Step 2. Navigate to the Netflix website;

Normally access the Netflix site in Chrome

Step 3. It is important that you log in, so the shortcut will have your credentials saved;

Step 4. Wait for Chrome to load and make sure you have logged in correctly on Netflix;

Wait for Netflix to fully load

Step 5. Click the Chrome menu in the upper right corner and choose the "More Tools" option to access the "Create Shortcut" setting;


Step 6. Save the "app" with the name you want and confirm "Create". Do not forget to leave the "Open in new window" option checked;

Step 7. Depending on the Linux distribution type, the shortcut will be saved in a different place: taskbar, desktop or menu - as is our case;

Shortcut to Netflix will be among the applications on your system

Step 7. If you like, drag the shortcut to the taskbar so that it is available there.

Note that Netflix will open without the Chrome address bar, giving the impression of being an app

Ready! With this trick, you've created an app for Netflix using Chrome.

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