How To Create Task Lists with Microsoft To-Do for PC

To-Do is a Microsoft application that lets you create task lists on your PC. The app syncs content created in the mobile version and shares lists with friends to work collaboratively. In addition, the program supports the creation of offline lists, eliminating rival solutions that only work in the browser with an always active connection. The tool was first released for smartphones, but is now available for Windows 10 with free download from the Microsoft Store. Here's how to use To-Do to manage your tasks on your computer in the following tutorial.

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Microsoft To-Do allows you to create offline task lists in Windows 10

Step 1. Download and install To-Do for free from the Microsoft Store under Windows 10;

Download Microsoft To-Do on PC with Windows 10

Step 2. The application automatically logs in using your registered account on the computer. By default, it creates two fixed lists: "My Day" and "Important." The "To-Do" section brings together all the active tasks in a single group. Check "Add a pending task" to create items in a list. Type and press Enter to create items quickly;

Create pending tasks in Microsoft To-Do

Step 3. Click the menu in the upper right list to open an options panel;

Access more list options in Microsoft To-Do

Step 4. Add reminder, delivery date, and set whether the task repeats itself over time;

Set reminders, timing, and repetition in Microsoft To-Do

Step 5. Select "Add step" to create subitems related to the task in question;

Create Sub-Tasks in a Microsoft To-Do Item

Step 6. Although you already have ready lists, To-Do allows you to create as many as you want. Custom lists can have the name changed and bring extra options, such as the sharing function, which can be accessed in the upper right corner;

Create new shareable lists in Microsoft To-Do

Step 7. Activate the sharing link to copy the address from the task list and send it to friends. In possession of the information, they will be able to access the list on the Internet and edit the content in team;

Generate a task-sharing link in Microsoft To-Do

Step 8. The menu of the list offers other features such as choice of theme and order of tasks by importance, date, alphabetical order and other variables.

Edit theme and order of items in a Microsoft To-Do list

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