How to create test and proof online in Google Forms

Google Forms is a powerful forms tool that can also be used to create online proofs. The test mode allows teachers to create questions with wrong and correct alternatives, as well as assign scores for each question. The platform organizes student responses in spreadsheets and graphs that help you understand performance per student or question. If the user wishes, it is possible to automate the delivery of notes to students. Here's how to create online reviews with the Google service.

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Google Forms allows you to do questionnaires with punctuation

Step 1. Access Google Forms on the web and generate a new form;

Create a Form in Google Forms

Step 2. Access the form settings in the upper right corner;

Set up your form in Google Forms

Step 3. Check the option "Limit 1 response" to prevent the student from sending more than one answer;

Allow only one answer per person

Step 4. In the "Tests" tab, turn the key "Create test" and choose the note submission mode. In tests with only multiple choice questions, it is possible to send the note just after the student has sent the answers. If the test contains answers that require correction, check the option "After, after manual review";

Enable Google Forms testing mode

Step 5. Scroll down the page to see what information the student can access after completing the questionnaire. Save the changes;

Choose what Google Forms will show the student at the end of the test

Step 6. Create quiz questions and answers. Choose the type of answer in the menu on the right and always check the "Mandatory" key in the lower right corner;

Create required questions in Google Forms

Step 7. Use the upload photo button to create image-based questionnaires. At the end of each question, access the option "Answer key";

Create questions with images

Step 8. In the "Answer Key" menu, define the correct alternative and the value of the question in points;

Set punctuation and correct answer

Step 9. At the end, click the submit button to share the proof with the students by email;

Send the online test to students

Step 10. To the extent that the evidence is delivered, Google collects everything in the "Answers" tab. See general graphs, per student and by subject. At the end of the evaluation period, turn off the "Accepting Responses" key and click the green button to create a spreadsheet with the results.

Monitor the results, finalize the test to generate spreadsheet

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