How to create wallpaper with map for mobile

Alvar Carto is an online platform that allows you to create personalized wallpapers for your cell phone based on city and country maps. Through the mobile or desktop browser, you can select the location, choose colors and set the format according to your smartphone model. The site provides wallpaper compatible with iPhone (iOS) and Android devices.

When you download the image, simply use it as the background for the home screen or the device lock. Here's how to create a map wallpaper for your smartphone.

Alvar Carto lets you create mobile backgrounds

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Step 1. Go to Alvar Carto's website in the mobile browser and enter the desired country or city name in the "Map location" field. You can also use random places by tapping the "Random" button on the side. Then choose one of four color options.

Select the map and choose the colors of the wallpaper

Step 2. Open the list below "Resolution" to open the list of compatible devices and select yours from the list. If your cell phone does not appear in the selection, choose the model that most closely matches yours, based on screen resolution.

Change the resolution of the image according to the model of your mobile phone

Step 3. Touch the "x" at the bottom to expand the view and view the wallpaper in full screen. Use the overview to move the map and test the color options. To view the options screen again, touch the gear button in the footer.

View the full-screen wallpaper to test the color and placement

Step 4. Tap "Generate" to get a download button. From there just download the image and add it as wallpaper on your Android phone or iPhone.

Generate the wallpaper and download the image to the mobile phone

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