How to create WhatsApp link

WhatsApp allows you to create and generate links to your number that, when clicked, initiate a direct conversation with you. The free cheat is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones and can be done manually, from a code provided by the messenger, or through web tools. This service also allows you to include a standard message to start the conversation. It is worth remembering that the practice of publicly sending electronic addresses to the messenger is more common in commercial accounts, to facilitate the contact with the customers.

However, although the feature also works with regular users, disclosing the personal number on the Web can be dangerous, according to security experts. Group conversations already allow you to invite participants with native links to the application. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to generate a WhatsApp link with message. The procedure was done with an Apple smartphone, but the instructions are for devices with the Google operating system.

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WhatsApp allows you to create direct links to start conversations

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Manually create link

  • Copy the following code: //
  • Replace the term "YourNumber" with your phone number, including country code and DDD. In the following example, we use the DDI "55", from Brazil, and the code "11", from the city of São Paulo: //

Create a link with message

  • Copy the following code: //
  • In addition to replacing the telephone number, also replace the term "Your Message" with the text you want. Because links do not allow spaces to be inserted, change them by the code "% 20" (without quotation marks), as in the following example: //

When a friend clicks the link, they will be directed to a WhatsApp page and can start a conversation with you. Check it out next.

Link generated by Whatsapp starts conversation immediately

Link to a website generator

Another possible option to create a link to WhatsApp is from third party platforms such as the Convertte website. To generate the online address, you must also enter the phone number.

Step 1. Go to the Convertte website (// and fill in your phone number and the initial message in the fields indicated. Then click on "Generate link";

Link to WhatsApp via Convertte

Step 2. The generated link will be identical to the one provided by WhatsApp. When clicked, it will direct the user to a messenger page, which should click "Send" to start the conversation with the message.

Link to WhatsApp generated by Convertte also opens the messenger page in the browser to start a conversation

Ready. Take the hint, generate link to your WhatsApp and do not lose contact with anyone.

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