How to create the World Cup with the 365Scores app

365Scores is an application for Android and iPhone (iOS) that has a practical solution to create the World Cup 2018 with friends or family. The app is mainly a news center and news about football games, so it already has an integrated system responsible for updating the results of the World Cup. Therefore, the ranking is maintained with the correct score in real time without crashes.

Users can still receive reminders of matches so they do not forget to watch live. See, in the following tutorial, how to use the application to create the Russian cup by the smartphone.

365Scores app has function to create 2018 FIFA World Cup

Cup 2018 on mobile: Android and iPhone bring information about the world cup

Initial setting

Step 1. The 365Scores requires an initial adjustment before releasing the boom function. When you install the app on your phone, tap "Quick Setup" and select "Football" on the next screen.

Start the initial configuration of the 365Scores

Step 2. You do not have to choose other sports right now. Go to the next screen and check "World 2018". Touch "Next" to move forward.

Select the 2018 World Cup

Step 3. Select the Brazilian flag and tap "Done" in the last screen to finish the mandatory registration.

Finish initial 365Scores settings

Creating the bolão

Step 1. After making the first adjustments, touch "Bolão" and log in using your Facebook or Google account.

Sign in to use the 365Scores toolbar

Step 2. Under "Create a new group", give a name and choose a photo for your personal bag. Then touch one of the apps below to share the invitation with the other members.

Create a new private slot at 365Scores

Step 3. Tap the "Tips" tab to open the game table in chronological order. Tap the fields next to each selection and enter your prediction score.

Fill the Cup game scores with your hunches

Step 4. After filling in the guesses, go to the "Rules" tab to understand how the 365Scores scoring system works. Finally, track your performance against your friends on the "Ranking" tab.

Learn the rules and follow the ranking in 365Scores

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