How to customize the Excel AutoCorrect feature

Microsoft Excel is able to automatically correct several typed terms in a wrong way by mistake, thanks to the AutoCorrect feature. Thus, cells with "sen", "tdo" or "noso" can be changed to "without", "all" and "our" respectively. However, what seems to be an advantage can be disturbed by acronyms and abbreviations.

Integrated with the main software settings, the AutoCorrect system can have some of its functions disabled, as well as receive new terminologies to correct. Check out how to access this tool in Excel and what are the main customization options that can be turned on or off in the following tutorial.

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Step 1. With Microsoft Excel open, click the "File" tab to access the menu with the software settings;

Click the "File" tab

Step 2. In the "File" tab menu, select the "Options" option to open the control window of the main Excel settings;

Click on "Options"

Step 3. In the "Location Options" window, select the "Proofreading" tab and click the "AutoCorrect Options" button to activate the customization of this system;

On the "Proofreading" tab, click "AutoCorrect Options"

Step 4. In the first tab of the "AutoCorrect" window there are configuration options - four of control of capitals and one with the terminological substitution;

In the "AutoCorrect" tab there are the five main system configuration alternatives

Step 5. At the bottom of the "AutoCorrect" tab, it is possible to exclude or add items to the terminology repertoire for the automatic correction system to follow this substitution relationship;

The lower part of the "AutoCorrect" tab allows you to add or delete terms of automatic correction

Step 6. Still in the "AutoCorrect" window, in the "Automatic Mathematical Correction" tab, you can check for complex symbols and complex mathematical operations, as well as add or remove new terms;

On the "Automatic Mathematical Correction" tab you can add or delete shortcuts for symbols and mathematical operations

Step 7. In the "Automatic Typing Format" tab you can configure the activation of three options: hyperlink control, the inclusion of rows and columns in the worksheet and the formulas transposition system.

The "Automatic Typing Formatting" tab has three more general configuration options for the spreadsheet

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