How to delete my Facebook? See all ways to quit the social network

Deleting Facebook is a wish of many users. Whether because the platform was embarrassing, time-consuming or because of privacy scandals like Cambridge Analytica, people are increasingly thinking of deleting the profile on the social network. But friends, the history of publications, shared files and questions about the procedure end up causing some people to give up the action, which may be irreversible.

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To address this dilemma, TechTudo has gathered the top questions and answers about closing a Facebook account. Please read the guide below carefully before turning off your profile so you will not regret it later.

How to delete your Facebook account

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1. What is the difference between deactivating and deleting the account?

Disabling the Facebook account causes people to be unable to search or access your profile, but their data is retained. This way, you can reactivate the account at any time without losing your publications and files. This is a temporary solution, ideal for "giving time" in the social network.

Some of your information, such as messages sent to friends, can still be seen. Group administrators will be able to view your posts and comments, as well as your name. When you deactivate the account, you can choose to also keep or disable Facebook Messenger.

Already deleting the Facebook account is a definite action. Because of this, the platform begins the foreclosure process 14 days after your request. At that time, in case you regret it, you can cancel the request to delete your account by simply logging in to the site.

Deletion of all data may take up to 90 days to complete. Messages that you've sent to your friends can still be viewed by them as they are not stored in your account. Facebook claims that copies of log records and other files can be kept in its database, but the contents are unlinked from any personal identification.

2. How to disable Facebook temporarily?

To temporarily disable Facebook, click the arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the site, and go to Settings. In the "General" menu, select "Manage account" and then press "Disable account". Confirm the operation to complete temporary deactivation.

Temporary disabling of the Facebook account by the site

3. How to delete Facebook forever?

To permanently delete your Facebook account, simply go to: and click the "Delete Account" button. Press "Download information" if you want to back up the content posted on the social network. The platform will require the insertion of your password and a Captcha code to confirm the final closure of the profile.

Definitive Facebook Account Deletion

4. How to delete Facebook from someone else?

Facebook allows friends and family members to request the removal of accounts of people with medical disabilities, whether physical or mental, or in case of death. If you have any such entity, please go to the page for this purpose ( and fill out the form. The requestor must provide his / her full name, full name of the incapacitated or deceased person, the URL of the profile to be deleted and the email address that the person registered with Facebook.

Facebook account exclusion form of a clinically incapacitated or deceased person

You must also state the reason for the opt-out request. If you check the options corresponding to the death, you must attach a death certificate or a related document, in addition to informing the date of death. If the reason is clinical incapacity, it will be necessary to include a medical report and proof of legal guardianship. When all the fields are filled, press "Send".

Submission of a request to exclude a third party account on Facebook due to death or illness

5. How to recover a Facebook account?

Account recovery is done simply by logging into Facebook. In case of temporary deactivation, you can do this at any time. If you have made the final exclusion, the deadline to redeem the account is 14 days, counted from the request. After this period, the profile can no longer be retrieved.

Account recovery disabled on Facebook is done with login

6. Is there another way to leave Facebook?

If you have problems with someone specifically on the social network or want to increase your privacy, you can avoid it without leaving Facebook. The most drastic way is by blocking the person, who can not see anything else you post or see their markings. You also will not have access to their content and, if they are friends, the friendship will be undone.

Facebook Blocker

If you do not want to go that far, you can simply prevent someone from viewing your posts without undoing your friendship by adding it to the restricted list. It is still possible to silence a friend temporarily or permanently, and both operations are reversible if you change your mind.

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