How to denounce irregular advertisement of candidates in the 2018 Elections

The website of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) offers a tool for denouncing the illegal advertising of candidates from the 2018 Elections to voters throughout Brazil. Created to prevent abuses during the election process, the resource gives the citizen the power to keep the city free of "showmissions", distribution of gifts, billboards and other illegal actions of eligible. In this way, elections can take place more fairly and democratically, according to the people's decision.

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In the complaint, in addition to the name and party of the candidate, voters can define the address where they found the irregular advertisement, the type of location and the action taken by the candidate and his electoral cables. The tool shows the illegal acts and the voter must select them before completing the complaint. In the following tutorial, check out how to use the TSE tool to denounce illegal advertising of 2018 Election candidates. The procedure can be done by browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, for example.

Reporting illegal propaganda of candidates is a citizen's duty and the TSE website facilitates this process

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Step 1. Click the TSE complaint page (// to access the tool. Then start typing the name of the candidate and the party;

Define the name of the candidate and the party on the TSE page, created to denounce illegal propaganda by politicians

Step 2. Enter the position in dispute by the candidate and the address where the illegal advertisement was found. If you are in the Federal District, use the choice of cities;

Inform the disputed position and the address of an illegal candidate's advertisement on the TSE website

Step 3. Select the location of the irregularity and the type of prohibited advertisement used by the applicant;

Indicate the type of irregularity found in the advertisement of a candidate from the TSE website

Step 4. To finalize the report, please state your name, voter registration number, telephone number, e-mail address and CPF. To conclude, go to "Submit."

Action to finalize a report of irregular advertisement in the tool created by TSE

Ready. Use the tip to prevent illegal advertising in your city and enforce the electoral code.

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