How to discover new playlists for Spotify using Filtr

Filtr makes thousands of playlists ready to listen in Spotify. The site has its own lists organized by music genre, popularity, number of followers or recently released, in addition to allowing you to create your own repertoire. Specific topics can be searched in the tool search field.

To use the platform, you need to sync with the Spotify account in order to play the songs in the desktop application or in the web version. Check out the tutorial below how to find playlists in Filtr.

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Four Spotify Functions You Need to Know

Step 1. Access the Filtr website on Downloads. Then select the "Sign In" option on the right side of the screen - this will take you to the official service page. Then click the "Login with Spotify" button to sync the player account with the site;

Sync Spotify account with Filtr

Step 2. The home page will show you the most popular playlists of the moment and the recently added playlists. Click on a playlist to open and view the songs;

Most popular Filtr playlists

Step 3. Click on the "Play" button to listen to the playlist in Spotify for desktop. A popup will appear on the screen. Select "Open Spotify" to open the program on your computer;

Open Filtr playlists on Spotify for Desktop

Step 4. Clicking the Spotify icon in the upper right corner of the playlist will open the songs in the Spotify web version;

Filtr playlists can be accessed in the web version of Spotify

Step 5. To search for a specific playlist, click on the search field located on the home page and enter the term or rhythm you want. Wait and see the results automatically on the screen;

Search for specific playlists in Filtr

Step 6. The Playlists button in the main menu displays the playlists organized by music genre, popularity, number of followers and recently added lists on the platform;

Filtr playlists are organized by genre and popularity

Step 7. The "New releases" button on the main menu will show new playlists available on the platform

Filtr has exclusive section for new playlists

Ready. Take the hint and discover different playlists to listen to on Spotify.

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