How to discover shows near you by Spotify on your computer

The Spotify PC App has a function that shows the schedule of shows near you - just like the mobile version. The artist is informed, date and place of events that will take place in the coming days and months, as well as links for the purchase of tickets. Streaming uses the user's location to find presentations, but you can change the location to see shows from other cities. Check out the following tutorial on discovering shows using Spotify.

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Spotify shows schedule of shows on the computer

Step 1. From the main page menu, click the "More" option, then "Shows;

Visit the shows tab in Spotify

Step 2. The list of shows that will take place near the city you are in will be displayed. Click on a show to see the details;

Spotify for PC shows schedule of upcoming shows

Step 3. You will see the artist's name, date, time and location of the show. Click the "Find Tickets" button to open a website in the browser to buy the tickets;

Details of a Luana Santana show at Spotify

See concerts that will happen in another city

Step 1. If you want to see the show schedule for another city, click the "Change" button next to the current location;

See tour schedule for another city in Spotify

Step 2. Enter the name of the city you want in the search field and choose the best option among the results. The show schedule will appear automatically;

Choose the desired city to see the schedule of shows in Spotify

See the screen shows that will be held in another city.

Schedule of upcoming concerts held in São Paulo at Spotify

Ready. Now you can schedule to go to your favorite artist's shows.

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