How to do all the finals in Vampyr, game for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Vampyr, DontNOD Entertainment's new RPG for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam download), has four distinct endings based on choices. The requirements involve life (or death) of key characters, the end of the epidemic and the actions of Dr. Reid. Check out a guide, without spoilers, to do all the finals of the game.

Vampyr: learn how to download and install the game on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Final 1

To achieve the best end of Vampyr, do not kill or drink the blood of any of the villagers, be they guilty or innocent. Spare the characters' lives and do not turn them into vampires, even if that means damaging the overall health of the district. However, it's okay to eliminate NPCs that have been bosses or Skals throughout history.

Do not kill any citizen to get the best end of Vampyr

In parallel, cure the population with medicines so that the districts stay healthy. Try to keep everyone alive and free from the epidemic.

Final 2

The second epilogue is a variant of the former, which also follows a peaceful route, but not as strict as the first. To do this, kill one or two villagers at most. Do not risk more than this number. Also, do not let the districts collapse.

Even with a few slips, the second final of Vampyr still has a positive balance

Final 3

To get to one of Vampyr's tragic endings, feed on the blood of the characters, kill some citizens - not all - and allow at least one of the districts to be in critical condition. Although this is a bad ending, try to maintain a balance between good and bad actions.

Killing innocents will take you to a tragic end in Vampyr

Final 4

In the final fateful ending, Dr. Reid must become a monstrous serial killer. Take every opportunity to make terrible choices - kill everyone within reach, ignore the patients, let the districts perish in critical condition, turn "pillars" into vampires, and suck the blood of the innocent.

Turn a killer to get the worst outcome of Vampyr

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