How do I block a YouTube channel? See three different shapes

There are several ways to block a YouTube channel and prevent unwanted videos from appearing on the platform for you. Options include settings for the streaming service itself and the use of a Google Chrome plugin that blocks videos that are displayed as unwanted by the user. The measures prevent videos from appearing in the browser and can also help parents control what kids are watching on YouTube Kids. Here are three ways to block a YouTube channel.

Canceling YouTube Premium

Blocking Youtube channels will cause videos to not show

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1. Canceling the channel registration

Step 1. Access the unwanted channel and press the "Subscribed" button to cancel your subscription;

Unsubscribing from a Youtube channel

Step 2. Confirm the action by selecting "Unsubscribe" in the window that opens next;

Unsubscribing from a Youtube channel

Step 2. Then go to the "About" tab of the channel and select the "Report user" flag icon. Then press the "Lock User" option. The action will prevent the channel from commenting on your videos.

Blocking a YouTube Channel

2. Extension for Google Chrome

The Video Blocker extension blocks the display of specific videos and YouTube channels in Google Chrome. When you try to play a video with blocked terms, your browser is redirected to the YouTube home page.

Step 1. Access the plugin page in Downloads and press the "download" button;

Download the extension by to block YouTube channels

Step 2. Download the Video Blocker extension by the "Add to Chrome" button;

Installing the Video Blocker extension in Google Chrome

Step 3. Confirm the action by selecting "Add Extension";

Confirming the installation of the Video Blocker extension in Google Chrome

Step 4. Press the Video Blocker icon next to the Chrome address bar and enter the name of the channel that will be blocked. The box next to it needs to be ticking "Channel". Finish on the "Add" button.

Blocking a Youtube Channel with the Video Blocker Extension

3. YouTube Kids Parental Control

Step 1. Download YouTube Kids on your Android phone or iPhone (iOS) and access some video from the channel you want to block;

Playing a video on YouTube Kids

Step 2. During playback, tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen;

Accessing configuration options in YouTube Kids

Step 3. Select the "Lock" option;

Locking a video on YouTube Kids

Step 4. Choose the "Lock the entire channel" option and touch "Lock";

Blocking a channel completely on YouTube Kids

Step 5. Fill in the math equation or enter the default password to confirm that you are a legal guardian of age.

YouTube Kids asks for confirmation that user is responsible for being of age

Ready. Take advantage of tips to block unwanted channels and just watch interesting videos on YouTube.

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